Trusting and Following Your Intuition


Intuition is the supra-logic that cuts out all the routine processes of thought and leaps straight from the problem to the answer ~ Robert Graves

We all have intuition whether we recognize it or not. Intuition can be described as a “knowing” or even as a “gut feeling.” Sometimes we just have a “sense” about something. It might be that we have just met someone, and instantly do not trust them. It may be that we have a “feeling” about something that is going to happen. Sometimes it is after the fact, when we have made a decision, and then just do not feel right about it.

Intuition has been described as a combination of wisdom and experience. Some people seem to have intuitive gifts, but everyone gathers some wisdom and experience over the years. Therefore we all have the capacity to access our intuitive side. In fact, our intuitive voice often tries to get our attention. If we are not used to listening to it, we may simply tune it out. Only later, when something less than desirable has happened, we hear ourselves saying “I knew this was not a good idea.”

Intuition can function like a warning light in our car. If we are contemplating an action and we keep getting an annoying little resistance, we can be certain intuition is trying to warn us.

Intuition can also work to guide us towards loving words and actions. Sometimes we get the “feeling” we should call someone we have not spoken to for a time. When we do, we find that the person is going through a difficult time and truly welcomes our call. It may even be that the person was thinking of us.

Intuition may also give us that little push to help a stranger in need, or to give of ourselves to individuals or the community. It may gently caution us against saying negative things about another or passing on gossip.

We could think of our intuition as a kind of guardian angel. Wise and good, it is there to help us through our lives. It assists us to live from our higher self: to be the best we can be.

Unfortunately, it often gets drowned out by the more persistent and louder voice of ego. However, we can train ourselves to tune in to, and even seek that intuitive guidance . We can make it a habit to frequently go inside and check our gut feeling about whatever it is we are doing, saying or contemplating.

Gradually we see the wisdom that is inherent in our intuition, and it becomes easy and natural to trust it, and follow it.

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