Toxic Thoughts: A Health Warning


Recently the suggestion has been made, by scientific researchers, that Alzheimer’s disease may be an autoimmune illness. In autoimmune diseases, the body begins to attack itself: in the case of Alzheimer’s there are pathological changes in the brain tissue.


We know that a powerful connection exists between the mind and the body. Whatever we think, the body feels. Our thoughts constantly send messages to every cell in our body.

One wonders about the long term effects of negative self-messages. Self-criticisms, judgments, feelings of guilt, worthlessness, and negative evaluations amount to attacks on the self. Over time, flooding the body with such toxic messages is bound to result chemical and hormonal changes that compromise the immune system.

As we become increasingly health conscious, we are careful about what foods we put into our bodies, and even about the cleanliness of the air we breathe. What we need to add to our regimens of healthy eating and exercise, is the elimination of toxic thoughts, replacing them with positive, loving empowering self-thoughts.

Unfortunately, we cannot label our thoughts with a surgeon general’s warning, nor can they be banned by the FDA. It is up to us then, to maintain a healthy ecology in our own consciousness.

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