“I have passed Dancing Soul on to Deepak. You write with the passion of unconditional love. I send you love and all green lights.”
~ Wayne W. Dyer

“Congratulations on Dancing Soul. I was thrilled to receive the book and feel the beautiful energy emanating from its pages. You have done a wonderful job of presenting the material: it is filled with love, light, wisdom, and that unique, gifted being you are. Bravo!”
~ Alan Cohen

“Hi again Gwen, just wanted you to know I love this CD and may order more from you in the future!”
~ D.H.

“Thanks Gwen. You are so gifted. I thank God everyday that he gave me you to be the tool to help me along my path again. God bless.”
~ C.S.

“The difference your writing makes to people like me is great. It helps to know that the energy IS flowing, and circulating. I wish you well in your practice, where I imagine you instill much illumination, and continue to look forward to your monthly ‘words of wisdom’.”
~ K.H.

“I am writing to request permission to reprint your marvelous article; Millennium of the Soul, in our upcoming web magazine, The Medium your article would be a gem in our first edition.”
~ Roger Lee, Millennium Art Gallery

“You are doing such wonderful work, Gwen. I am so happy to be reading what you are writing. Surely you are contributing to the rolling ball of our evolution.”
~ Bruce F.

“I admire your writing skill and the way you are able to communicate such inherently complex concepts I wonder if people realize the gems that are being offered to them in your articles. It is interesting to see how you have assembled a spirituality of compassion and understanding, which humanity is in need of.”
~ Les M.

“Aside from the simplicity of your messages, I feel the heartfelt energy which is really the gift for me. Moreso, your poem, Dancing Soul has become a metaphor for my life. Instantly I recognized myself and where I’ve been stuck!!! Please know I am one stranger’ whose heart you have touched and I am grateful.”
~ Ora R.

“I read your article, Soulful Parenting that was sent to me from a friend in Canada, and I must say the issues you brought up should be considered by all educators and parents who are seriously interested in child education.”
~ A. F., Czech Republic

“Thank you for making the audio tape. I have listened to it, fallen asleep during it and I think about it often, when I am not able to listen to it. I sobbed every time I listened to it for the first 2 weeks because I felt such incredible relief knowing that I have not been alone and I feel the tears behind my eyes as I write this to you.”
~ C. B.

“I don’t know what to say. I started crying as I finished your article because all my life I have felt soulless and the eloquence of your words struck a chord.”
~ A. T.

“I received your books and I love them. Dancing Soul is like walking in a new world and seeing familiar things in a beautiful new light. You are truly a gifted being thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
~ Paul. V.

“I just want to thank you for your wonderful columns. Each one has given me something to think about and learn from.”
~ Annette L.

“Thank you for sharing your soul and knowledge with the other souls out here who need reminding who we are.”
~ Cynthia B.

“I had to write and say thank you for such good advice. Living in a house full of teenagers, your words are very timely and very much needed you seem to connect so well with their feelings their softer sides, and put this wisdom into words that those of us who occasionally lose touch with our teenagers need, can understand and empathize with thank you for having a heart that is so open to teenagers.”
~ Leslie S.

“I wonder how a person such as yourself came to see so clearly it inspires me to become a kinder, more accepting and compassionate person, father, husband I learn a lot from what you say. You are like a shining light out in the dark. Thank you for sharing your wisdom it does good things.”
~ Gordon T.

“Thank you so much for the two books and tape you sent me. They’re just the sort of material I enjoy reading. And the meditation tape was great. Keep up all the good work you are doing, and God Bless!”
~ Ranjit K. , Australia

“I often read your articles and have always liked your clarity and straightforwardness. I find your solutions and wisdom valuable.”
~ Marcus

“I am of First Nations Descent. Due to the troubles myself and my peoples have endured, many of us are lacking in direction, and very often are asking the questions answered in your articles I am deeply moved by your words and understanding.”
~ J.R.