Ask Gwen: Daily Loving Kindness


I have vowed to become a kinder, more loving person and to demonstrate this through my daily interactions with the people in my life. This has proved much harder than it would seem! How do I remain kind and loving despite all of the ups and downs of daily living?

Gwen’s Answer:

Let’s first look at what may cause us to be unkind or unloving. That happens when one gets triggered or is making a judgment of another. It also can happen when one is stressed or exhausted and so lacks patience.

Practicing loving kindness can take work! When we are loving and kind to ourselves it is easier to be that way with others. This means eliminating judgments and criticisms we have of ourselves. It also means practicing good self care. Taking time each day to become grounded and centered helps us to focus on how we want to be in the world.

Something as simple as a five minute morning meditation, with the mantra of “I am loving kindness” sets the tone for the day. Visualize yourself making calm caring responses to those who may be your biggest triggers.

If you feel you don’t have the time or cannot stick to such a practice, then do it while you are brushing your teeth! Think of it as your “loving kindness exercise.”

Also be aware that unloving responses are ego reactions. We all have a higher self that knows how to choose the path of loving kindness.

Learn more about this in my book, “Growing Into Soul, The Next Step in Human Evolution.

Growing Into Soul

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