Ask Gwen: Extracurriculars for kids


I have two children and another on the way. This year my youngest starts kindergarten and we are nervous with anticipation! My mother tells me that, on top of school, the kids should be learning a musical instrument, taking swimming lessons, and ballet! The thought of just managing kindergarten seams daunting enough without all the extracurricular activities! What are your thoughts on this Gwen?

Gwen’s Answer:

You are the adult and the mother of your children. No one else should be telling you what to do. With two children and a baby your hands will be full. With one starting kindergarten that is another transition. That one may be anxious about leaving for part of the day while baby gets to stay home with Mom.

It is a good thing for children to learn to swim. One extracurricular activity at a time is enough. I would not worry about that for the next year.

However, if your mother feels that strongly and would like to pay for and take the children to an activity, that would be a way to support you, give the kids an opportunity, and to fulfill her need to see the children doing more.

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