Ask Gwen: Meditating, but what’s missing?


Despite having a daily meditation practice and well set intentions, I still find my mind spiralling with worry and negative thoughts. What am I missing?

Gwen’s Answer:

Let’s imagine you are meditating on having no flies in your house. While you are meditating you are not thinking about flies. Then you get up and there are those darn flies again. A flyswatter works better.

Negative thoughts are like little pests that invade our consciousness. The mental equivalent of a fly swatter is thought stopping. When the negative thought comes, do not entertain it or follow it. Swat! It’s gone.

Meditate for calming the mind and all that other good stuff. But you must make a conscious effort to stop the negative thoughts when they come. Otherwise they make themselves at home in your head buzzing around and annoying you.

One of my MP3’s I would suggest to help with this is Detoxify Your Body and Mind, see the link below.

Gwen  Randall Young

Registered Psychologist

Detoxify Your Body and Mind MP3

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