Ask Gwen: Speak your Truth


If I am honest with myself, I have not been truthful to those I love. I tell them what they want to hear rather than how I really think or feel. Because of this I feel like no one really knows who I am. How can I muster up the courage to begin to start speaking my mind?


Gwen’s Answer:

Very good question.  When we tell others what we think they want to hear, it is because you feel they will be upset or you will be rejected. Being a pleaser seems safer.

However you are not being authentic when you do this and of course others will not know  you as you are not letting them see who you really are. You can end up feeling lonely and isolated, even with those who love you.

People who really care about you will love you more for being transparent with them. When you are not, you are holding back your truth.  There is something you are not happy with and in not sharing, it just festers and grows within you.

If someone rejects you for speaking your truth, that is not someone you can be in relationship with. If you have to pretend to be someone you are not in order not to be rejected, then you are dishonouring yourself.

Yes, it takes courage. Let people see who you really are and how you feel.

You will find out quickly who to keep in your life, and who it is time to release.

This will serve the highest good of all involved.

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