You Gave Me Your Cold


“Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing.” ~ Redd Foxx

food heartHave you ever blamed someone for giving you a cold? If so, you may be blaming them unfairly. Of course people who are sick should stay home from work, and use a handkerchief to avoid broadcasting germs everywhere. However, even if an infected person does bring a virus into your environment, it still does not mean it is their fault you caught a cold.

Consider that one-half of an office or classroom may come down with a cold or flu, but the other half are unaffected. Why is this? It has to do with the status of the immune systems of those exposed to the virus. If the immune system is strong, there is a good chance it can fight off the illness.

The immune system is strengthened by good nutrition, exercise, sufficient rest and positive relationships. It is weakened when we do not eat properly, do not take care of ourselves, are sleep deprived and stressed. In fact, a stressful incident can weaken the immune system for six to eight hours.

It is inevitable that we will all catch something at some time or another. Colds and flus are a fact of life. We take the best care of ourselves that we can, wash our hands and hope for the best. To blame another for causing our illness is an attack and a judgment. That will weaken the immune system of both the blamer and the blamed!

If someone tells me they hope they do not give me their cold, I respond by telling them that I take full responsibility for the state of my immune system, so they are not to worry. We both feel better, and I rarely get sick.

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