Balance for Busy Lives


“Stress is an ignorant state. It believes that everything is an emergency. Nothing is that important. Just lie down. ” ~ Natalie Goldberg

Is it my imagination, or does life keep getting busier? So many of my clients seem to be going a million miles an hour, and still cannot get everything done. The demands at work are ever increasing. Often employees leave and are not replaced, increasing the workload of those left behind. One of my clients talked of having a three page “to do” list at work, and another three page one at home.

What this tends to create is a state of stress twenty-four/seven. Of course, this is not healthy, and over time it will certainly take its toll. It can manifest in high blood pressure, headaches, stomach or bowel problems, difficulty sleeping, exhaustion and irritability.

We need breaks, time-outs and time off. The problem is that we generally assume we will get that when our work is done. With and endless flow of jobs to do, the work never does get done and breaks are few and far between. Even then, we may take a break but it is unlikely that we truly relax. A system that is consistently stressed forgets how to really relax.

For optimum health, and performance in life, we need to schedule regular times for relaxing and recharging. This is called creating balance. An imbalanced life will sooner or later start to go sideways.

Make relaxation breaks a priority. Stop for lunch. Do yoga, meditate or read a good story. Go for a walk, watch the sky, or play with a kitten. Your life will feel richer; you will feel happier and be healthier. Seems like a good investment to me.

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