Hypnosis for Weight Loss


Many people struggle with weight loss, trying diet after diet. They may lose weight initially, but then over time, it comes back. Despite a strong desire and fairly good will power, old habits have a way of creeping back.

The reason for this is that often eating habits are fueled by motivations that exist deep within the subconscious mind. Perhaps in childhood food was used as a reward. Alternatively, food may have provided emotional comfort: there was nothing like a peanut butter and honey sandwich to make the world seem right again.

The subconscious mind is very powerful. It is where some of our deepest drives originate, so it can be very difficult to overcome it with the conscious mind alone. That is why weight loss can be such an effort: there is an ongoing struggle between subconscious desires and conscious intentions.
Hypnosis can be very helpful, either by itself, or as support for a weight loss program.

This is because messages are given that cause changes in the subconscious mind allowing it to support, rather than sabotage our conscious desires. It is a little like removing a virus from the hard drive of a computer. The virus can wreck havoc with our software, but once it is removed, we can run any programs we choose.

In effect, hypnosis can help to remove the “gain weight virus” so that we can move forward with greater success in following our weight loss plan.

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