Your Dream, Without a Doubt


“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” ~ Edmund Hillary

What is it that you wish/hope/dream for? In the same way that we are never given a problem without the means to solve it, so it is that we do not formulate dreams unless the potential for us to manifest them already exists.

A hologram is a special image, in which the whole is contained in every part. It has been suggested that the Universe is a divine hologram, containing everything that is, was or might be. If a dream exists in your consciousness, the rest of it is already there, in the divine hologram.

So what is it that stops us from manifesting the totality of those dreams? Most likely, there is a conscious our unconscious doubt lurking around somewhere. Imagine that a desirable dream or vision is like an item on the universal menu that is being shown to us as a possible choice. If we were to give an unqualified ‘yes’ in response to that vision, then the universe could begin to re-arrange itself to bring that to us.

If we hesitate, doubt that such a dream is possible, or doubt in our own ability to manifest it, then we have begun to apply the brakes. If, on some level, we do not believe we deserve it, then we cancel the order. Many people have held a vision for years, becoming frustrated by the fact that it just does not seem to be happening. They have visualized, prayed, affirmed, meditated and done everything possible, and still no results.

When this happens, it is time to take inventory, to see if some part of our consciousness is playing saboteur. Sit down with pen and paper, and ask any doubt thoughts to come to the surface. Make a list of all that pop up, whether you think you believe them or not.

When you are done, read each one aloud to yourself. Feel it, in your body. Bring compassion to the part that has been carrying the doubt, and recognize when, and under what circumstances it originated. Ask yourself if you are ready to release it. Some will be easy to let go of. Others may be embedded a little more deeply.

Keep working at it, slowly and gently, and gradually you will cleanse yourself of those shadow thoughts. You will no longer be sending out mixed messages to the universe, and you can prepare to feel delighted by the difference.

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