Ask Gwen: Happiness vs Money


I’ve been at the same job for a long time and feel unhappy, but I’m afraid to leave because I make good money and have benefits. I also have a family. What should I do?

Gwen’s Answer:

First look at why you are unhappy. Is it the work? The people? Sometimes if you change your focus and don’t look at the negatives, as well as leaving work at work, it can get better. Avoid complaining and complainers.

It seems you are assuming that you cannot get another well-paying job with benefits.

Is this really true? Look around and see what is available.

No workplace is perfect and it is not so much the situation, but rather how we think about and react to it that determines how we feel. If you must stay, then you will have to choose to be happy. If you cannot do this and it is making you miserable and affecting other areas of your life you need to chat with your  partner and make some changes. Life is short.

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