Too Much To Do


Why is it that so many women feel they are “wasting time” when they take time for themselves? Perhaps it is because we were taught, as children, that work should come before play. The problem is that in our busy world, there seems to be so much “work” to do that it never is “all done,” and so there is never time to “play.”

Unfortunately, what this means is there is never time to relax. However, some relaxation is essential to keep our body/mind in balance. Men seem to understand this, and can take a few hours to sit on the couch and watch a game without feeling overwhelmed with guilt, and agonizing about all the things that are left undone while he sits there. He knows those things will get done in due time. He has it all organized in his mind, and only focuses on one thing at a time. Maybe this is a function of a more left-brain, linear approach to the world.

Women, on the other hand, tend to think of everything at once, and have a hard time just focusing on what they are doing in the moment. Instead, while doing one task, they are thinking of others, and making more “to do” lists in their heads. The nature of most modern women’s lives is that they have to multi-task , but have not learned that they do not have to be multi-tasking all the time.

Taking some time each day for yoga, meditation, reading, journaling or simply focusing on relaxing the body and breathing is both healing, and helps to keep things in perspective. We need some time each day to recharge our physical, mental, emotion and spiritual batteries. This needs to be a priority item at the top of our “to do” list, rather than something we squeeze in if we find a few extra minutes here and there.

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