Time to End a Marriage


It is always difficult when a marriage ends. Naturally, especially if there are children involved, we hope there is some way the couple could find a way back to the happiness that brought them together in the first place.

Sometimes it simply is impossible. One or the other may have changed, or differences that were there all along may have become major relationship roadblocks. In any event, we have a situation in which one or both of the partners is extremely unhappy. Even at this point, one or both may do everything in their power to improve the relationship, only to find the differences are irreconcilable. Now what?

If there is conflict and tension, or cold silence, it is time to move on. Such an environment is not healthy for children or adults. Being angry and upset, waiting and waiting for a partner to change is a recipe for misery. Years and years of living like that will certainly affect one’s health.

If it is clear a relationship has failed to thrive, and has become toxic, as adults we must take responsibility for cleaning up the mess. Sometimes ‘doing the right thing’ for our children means moving on, and creating two healthy, yet separate, environments.

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