Thinking for Yourself: Empowerment for Youth


“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” ~Coco Chanel

It is always our hope that when our children become teenagers they will be able to make good choices, and resist pressure from peers to do things we would rather they not do. Many factors contribute to the ability of a young person to make wise choices.

It is important to allow them to make choices when they are younger so they have experience thinking through alternative courses of action. We cannot make all the choices for them for the first twelve years and suddenly expect they will know how to think for themselves.

We also need to let them express themselves, even challenge us so long as they present their case in a respectful manner. If they are never allowed to challenge us, how will they learn to challenge someone who is trying to convince them to try drugs or have sex?

Young people also need to know that they have their own wisdom that goes beyond all they have been taught about right and wrong, and the expectations of others. Unfortunately, that wisdom has not always been developed or encouraged so they either do not know they have it, or do not value it.

I call this inner wisdom the higher self, or our connection with higher consciousness. Everyone has the ability to draw upon this source of sacred wisdom, and to be empowered by it.

Young people need to be taught to trust and act upon this wisdom. They will not get this from television, the internet, or from their peers.

I have developed a MP3 for young people called Thinking For Yourself: Empowerment for Youth . It is suitable for anyone age twelve and older. (See link below for information on how to download a copy.)

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