Spiritual Internship


Sometimes it can be a struggle to make sense of our lives here on Earth, and it is only by imagining a larger context that all of the pieces fall into place. We might often wonder why we have had experiences of pain and hardship.

If we knew the whole of our soul’s journey, we might view times of difficulty as part of a spiritual internship. Imagine one who had a troubled childhood. Perhaps there was abuse, alcoholism or neglect. This person may, on reaching adulthood, decide to do things completely differently, taking a much more compassionate, spirit-honoring approach to their children. Much as they do well with their children, they may continue to carry some inner torment. It can be a constant challenge to remain on the higher path they have chosen. There may always be an inner ache, reflecting the pain of loss in not having been seen in childhood There may also be sense of ‘making life up as I go along’, because there is no blueprint to follow. What if such lives were the result of the following scenario?

Aeons ago, there was a faraway planet where souls rested between incarnations. It was a very pleasant space, where the energy of souls blended into a loving resonance. If desired, a soul could remain there throughout eternity. Occasionally, a special call went out for volunteers.

On Planet Earth, there was an evolutionary process that was unfolding. Souls were incarnating into human beings, and these beings reproduced themselves in a genetic succession. Ideally, each generation was more highly evolved than the ones before. In some instances the evolutionary process became blocked, and consequently some Earth “families” were locked into a destructive pattern. It appeared almost like a kind of spiritual mutation, which resulted in negative human qualities reappearing generation after generation.

The call that went out was for souls who would volunteer to be born into these troubled family systems, so that they could shift the evolutionary pattern. Many very evolved souls stepped forward immediately. They were cautioned that the assignment would be extremely difficult. They would have complete amnesia about the peaceful paradise, which now surrounded them. They would be born as an innocent child into one of these troubled family systems, and would have to suffer the pain of the negative, even destructive patterns. They might also have to endure a childhood with little, if any love. In many cases, they would feel rejected and abandoned. For most of their lives, they may feel somehow that they just do not ‘belong’ on Earth. Their pain would be so deep, so profound as to be almost unbearable.

The evolved souls accepted the challenge, even knowing this, for they knew that they had the strength to endure. They did not know beforehand that the experience of their childhood pain would be so deeply etched upon their consciousness, that as they grew they would easily identify with the pain of others. When they had children of their own, their deepest commitment would be to do things differently than the generations before them.

A consciousness would be awakened within which allowed them to see the mistakes of the past, and how souls had been dishonored through the generations. They would become the architects of a new way of being. They would model this way for their own children, and for all who knew them. Still, it would not be easy. They would always struggle a little because of the profound contrast between their inner soul essence, and their beliefs about themselves on the level of ego, where most of their Earth learning transpired. However, their presence on the Earth would be profound, because their children, and their children’s children would have a legacy of love and wisdom to carry into their futures. One river of negativity and darkness would have been rerouted.

So it may be that those of us who have struggled with childhood pain, sadness and confusion have been on a special mission. Had we failed at our task, we would not even realize it, and would blindly follow in the footsteps of those troubled beings before us. If we recognize that we have been instrumental in creating a shift at that intersection between all that was before, and all that will be in the future, then the amnesia is beginning to lift. No longer need we feel tentative about our purpose here. While there is still work to do, and constant challenges inherent in three-dimensional reality and physical form, we begin to know who we are. We can shed the crumbling shell of an ego no longer required, and allow spirit to expand in all directions. When we do this, home is not so far away.

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