Physical Abuse – Anger Can Have Serious Consequences


“Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

fist dadThere was a time when it was common practice to spank children. Domestic violence also occurred, but was kept hidden. Times have changed, and using physical force against another can have devastating consequences.

Aside from the emotional impact for the one being hit, there are serious legal consequences. A child can be removed from the home, or the offending parent may have to leave.

If force is used against a spouse, and the police are called, they are the ones who charge the individual, not the victim. Hence, when the couple kisses and makes up a few days later, they do not have the option of dropping the charges.

There does not have to be extreme violence or the drawing of blood for charges to be laid. Grabbing a woman by the wrists to restrain her can result in bruises that become evidence in court.

What should be obvious is that if things get physical in the home, help is needed. There are effective parenting strategies that do not involve verbal or physical abuse. Couples who resort to force with each other need counseling to learn how to communicate, resolve disputes and control anger.

Getting help and upgrading ones skills for dealing with problems is critical not just for the current wellbeing of the family, but for the next generation as well. Remember, children observe how parents handle them and each other. Without some intervention, they may repeat all of the same behaviors with siblings and on the playground, and continue these when they become adults.

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