Living Authentically


A question that often comes up when individuals contemplate their lives is, “Why am I here?” What is the purpose of this existence, and what is my part in it. Others wonder what it is they came here to do. If these questions keep coming up in our minds, there is a good chance we are not living our lives authentically.

It is easy to get caught up in going through he motions in life. There are many roles we fill: parent, child, spouse, friend, employee, student, to name a few. Each of these roles is imbued with demands and expectations. We may find ourselves rushing through our days, balancing the different roles, being a slightly different self in different situations.

There is more to us, however, than the roles we play. We have an inner self that is there in the background. It is our true identity, independent of all that is “out there.” It knows what is truly fulfilling for us, what inspires us, and what drains us. When we are nourishing that aspect of our being, we are happy, contented and at peace. I like to call this inner self our soul , and when we are in alignment with it all is right in our world, imperfect though it might be.

Our soul knows why we are here, and what we came to do. It does not communicate that to us directly, however. It operates more like a compass, pointing us in the right direction. Intuition is the needle of the compass. Intuition is that inner sense, where we just “know.” In our culture, intellect often overrides intuition, and often leads us in directions where our heart and soul do not want to go.

If you are not sure you are fulfilling your inner purpose, sit quietly, empty your mind, and tune in to your intuitive self . Relax, and without effort, just “listen” to the whispering of your own soul . If it is speaking to you there is a reason. Listen, for it comes from a place that is true and wise and good.

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