Ask Gwen: Forgive and Trust Yourself


Gwen; How do you forgive yourself, trust yourself, and learn to love yourself? How do you open yourself to the love of your partner, family and friends? I want to believe that love is truly there and that I am worthy of it.

Gwen’s Answer:

This is a good question, as many struggle with the same issues. Forgiving yourself and trusting yourself in the end comes down to a decision. Yes, after all the internal mind-wrestling with whatever has caused you to feel guilt or unworthiness, one day you must simply decide that you will no longer devalue yourself. You must decide that from this day onward, you will no longer entertain self-critical or self-judgmental thoughts. Visualize all that is negative evaporating from your consciousness, leaving only a loving open heart.

Once you have made this decision, you will have to practice every day. Those negative beliefs can be stubborn, but each time one tries to sneak in, replace it with a positive one. Once you learn to love yourself, you will feel the love of others that was there all along.

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