Finding Our Purpose


It is common these days to hear people talk about finding their purpose. They recognize that what they are doing with their lives is okay, maybe even very good, but somehow there is the feeling that they have more inside them that has yet to come out.

It seems to me that talk of purpose has two major aspects. One is very personal. It is about something that is unique to the individual, an inner urge that needs to find expression. The second aspect relates to doing something good—for other people, or for the world at large.

In short, it is as though we have each come with a gift for the world, and we do not want to leave before we have given it. Many experience frustration, however, because they do not know what it is. Generally, finding our purpose is not a “light bulb” event. Rather, our purpose tends to reveal itself to us over time, or sometimes, as I like to think, it finds us.

If we take direction from our intuition, it will guide us. If we have an urge to try something new, to become involved in some volunteer effort or project, act on that urge. Do not dismiss it because it does not feel like your purpose. It may just be a doorway.

If you feel you have a purpose beyond what you are doing now, honor that knowing. Let your heart nudge you along. We need these nudgings to get ego out of the way. You see, your soul knows your purpose, and those nudgings are its whisperings. It is not so much that we are looking for our purpose, but rather that it is calling to us. All we need to is to listen…and respond.

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