Ask Gwen: Discover the Real You


All my life I have been praised for how I looked on the outside. I realize now that most of what I based my identity on was superficial. How do I begin to discover the real me? 

Gwen’s Answer:

Focus on the superficial is ego based. It is like we step outside of ourselves and look at ourself…all the time! We can become completely obsessed with what we see in the mirror.

Who we truly are is so much more than the exterior. It is not found in the mirror, but rather in the heart. We may find answers by thinking about what we have come into this lifetime to do and learn. We can imagine we are at the end of life, and ask ourselves what was meaningful, when were the times we felt unaware of our own selves because we were so connected with others?

How would we want to be remembered? What did we contribute ?

Physical beauty is fleeting. The beauty of our souls is eternal. That is where you will find your authentic self.

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