Caught in the Middle


One of the difficult situations in which we can find ourselves occurs when we feel ‘caught in the middle.’ Perhaps two friends or family members are at odds with one another, and both are telling us their side of the story. We care for both parties, and want to support each, but to do so feels like we are taking sides.

If we refuse to get involved, the individuals may feel rejected or let down. An important first step is to be honest with both individuals, and express your awkwardness in the situation. Stating your wish to remain in a positive relationship with both individuals will make it clear that you will not be forced to choose.

Encouraging them to work it out with each other, and not through you also keeps clear boundaries. If the situation involves family members, the help of an objective third party may help to navigate the rough terrain and bring all to safer territory.

We cannot remain ‘caught in the middle’ if we are remaining true to ourselves, refuse to judge or gossip about others, and continue to advocate integrity in working through the process.

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