Bumps in the Road


I was talking with my father recently about things that happen in life, and he made the comment that they are all just “bumps in the road.” I reflected on that, and realized when you are in your eighties, like he is, you look back at the long road behind you and see that you have survived everything.

In hindsight, even the most difficult trials appear only as “bumps in the road,” although, at the time, they may have seemed like mountains. When you are fifteen and the boy you like does not like you, it seems like the end of the world. If you do not get the job you had your heart set on, it feels devastating. A marriage ends, and you wonder if you will ever be happy again. Teens rebel or are uncommunicative, and you think you will never have a good relationship with your child.

As life evolves, all of these crises eventually become history. They may be an important part of our life experience, but they are in the past. The present is right there in front of us, and it is that with which we must deal.

As humans, we are resilient beings. None of us can escape the pain and sorrow that are an inevitable part of life. The next time I have a challenge or difficulty in my life, I shall try to remind myself that eventually this too will be just another “bump in the road.”

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