Security in an Insecure World


Times are not changing. They have already changed. And we are surviving. We have learned that security does not come from a job. Jobs can be lost, phased out, bought out or otherwise eliminated, and we still go on. Security does not come from relationships, because relationships can change or end, and people can leave us. Security does not come from money, because you can have lots of it, and still not be happy.

There is no security out there. That is a scary thought at first. It is like when you turn eighteen and realize that you can never go back to being a child. Now you have to take care of yourself. Some are so terrified by this prospect, that they transfer the responsibility for their security to the job, or to another person. This is like going from an air mattress to water wings. You are still not swimming. The little child on the edge of the pool may be scared at first, but when he sees the others jumping in, he knows at least that it is possible to leave solid ground and still rise to the surface.

Many among us have lost jobs or careers due to change, or have chosen to leave difficult relationships and make it on their own. These are the ones who have had to jump in and learn to stay afloat amidst the tides of change. Too often, they feel like failures, but in truth, they are pioneers. They are deserving of our admiration and respect, for they are models of the strength of the human spirit. Rather than falling behind, they are forging new pathways.

We all will be called upon in one way or another to shift from outer security to inner security. As we each gain inner strength, our strength as a species will grow. Our survival depends on each one of us tapping into and sharing our own particular awareness and wisdom.

Although we all possess the ability to access the fullness of Universal wisdom, we often do not. This is largely because we do not know or believe that it is within us already. Therefore, like amnesia victims, we are helped when others remind us of things that are hidden away somewhere in our consciousness. This is why every single being is crucial to the whole.

No one is insignificant. Everyone is our teacher . Everyone. Especially the ones from whom we think we have nothing to learn! So we can redefine security. Security is believing in ourselves. Security is knowing who we are, being who we are, and loving who we are. It is acting in accordance with our highest wisdom, and humbly accepting the learning when we do not. It is being compassionate towards ourselves, no matter what – and turning adversity into challenge.

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