Bringing Spirit Into Daily Life


To my mind, having a spiritual understanding or perspective can be as simple as recognizing the spirit that infuses all things. It is knowing there is something deeper in each of us than the roles we play in this lifetime. It is also honoring the essence of others, knowing they too are more than their roles—more than how we see them, define them, or think of them.

It is hard to imagine creating a peaceful, balanced, joyful life without a reverence for spirit. When we have reverence for our own spirit, we recognize its higher wisdom, and attempt to keep all we say and do in alignment with that wisdom. We have an inner voice or gut feeling that tells us when we are not being honest, fair, truthful, or kind. Reverence for our own spirit means not ignoring those feelings or allowing ego to run roughshod over them to satisfy its own ends.

Having reverence for the spirit of others means seeing that at birth everyone is given a block of (life)time that is theirs to use to develop and express their true unique nature. It is unfair to demand that others modify or alter their hearts desires to please us.

As parents, we must, of course, tend to the needs of our growing children. We must not, however, expect them to fulfill an image we have of who they should be. Nor should we expect them to fill our emotional needs.

In terms of partners, our delight should be in seeing them find fulfillment in the full expression of their own being. While we certainly do things to nurture and support one another, we should not expect a partner to have to spend a lot of time jumping through hoops to gain our approval or love.

When this kind of reverence for spirit exists, conflicts seldom arise. In fact, it can be enlightening to look at areas in our lives where conflict is present, and consider if spiritual reverence is lacking. If we are aggressive, confrontational or conflicted, it is a sure sign we need first to connect with our own spirit.

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