The Courage to Speak Out


Recently I was flying from Seattle to Edmonton, and was booked on the last flight of the night. An hour before flight time, the board flashed with a weather warning. We were told that if the plane could not land in Edmonton, we would fly back to Seattle.

All of the waiting passengers became a little edgy. It was already late, and spending three hours in the air, only to end up back where we started was not appealing. Passengers began gathering near the counter, to see what would happen. Some were on their cell phones to alert those awaiting their return that there may be a glitch in the works.

Suddenly came the announcement that the flight was cancelled. No one was happy, but one man yelled at the lady at the counter, saying he just phoned home and the weather was fine in Edmonton. We all stood there stunned at his outburst, while the service clerk looked shocked.

Just then, a young woman stepped out of the crowd and addressed the man. She told him the clerk was just a messenger, and had no control over the decision that had been made.

The tension in the air was broken, and the clerk resumed her instructions as to what we were to do next.

I had so much admiration for the woman who spoke out. She did not even have to stop and think. Someone was being abused, and her first instinct was to protect and defend. I suspect others may have joined in the assault, because everyone was upset, but once she spoke, any hostility was instantly defused.

She was a role model for all of us. May we all find the same courage to speak out whenever we see anyone being mistreated or judged unfairly.

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