Why Parents Nag


unhappy child doing choresNo one likes to be nagged, and kids tell me they hate it when their parents do it.

They are surprised when I suggest that perhaps they are the ones who trained their parents in the fine art of nagging. Read the following, and see if perhaps you have unwittingly created the nagging monsters in your life.

The first thing you must do is to repeatedly forget basic things that you should be doing at your age. This might include teeth brushing, hair combing, bathing, or doing homework.. Never do it until you are told. Three times.

Do things you should not be doing even though you know it annoys your parents. Talking with your mouth full of food tops the list, but you can also consider leaving dishes lying about the house, forgetting to put the milk back in the fridge, walking on the carpet with dirty shoes, and annoying your siblings.

You can further increase your effectiveness as a nag-trainer by telling your parents you will do what they are asking “in a few minutes”, or “when my show/game/phone conversation is over.” Then don’t do it. When they ask again, repeat the previous step. You will have them nagging in no time.

If you are not miserable enough with the nagging you have generated, you can make things even more unpleasant by acting as though there is something wrong with your parents because they nag so much. Make faces and roll your eyes when they ask you to help out. Add a big sigh for effect.

Of course, you can see where this all is leading. It is the way to create stress, turmoil and unhappiness in the home. Conflict increases, fun decreases, and relationships suffer. It is all so unnecessary.

Life could be so much better, and nagging would virtually stop, if you would take a few simple steps. Do the things you are supposed to do before you are reminded. If asked to do something, do it right away. Then you can go back to what you were doing without being interrupted with reminders. Do a good job. And sometimes do something that is not your job, just because it needs doing.

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