When Christmas is Not Merry


The Christmas season can certainly be a mixed blessing. There are many who simply love everything about the season, and delight in all the preparations and activity. Others, however, may not experience it the same way.

For those who have lost loved ones, Christmas can be a time of deep sadness and nostalgia. They can feel there is nothing to celebrate, because without the loved one, Christmas, and life, will never be the same.

Others have just become fed up with the commercialization, the stress and work involved. What is supposed to be a holiday time leaves them more stressed and exhausted than if there had been no holiday at all.

For those who are not ‘into it,’ it is important to still attempt to make it a good time for themselves. That can mean taking some quiet time, doing self nurturing, and only spending time with those whose company you truly enjoy.

Avoid getting depressed about the fact that you are not experiencing the time the way others are. Also, do not assume everyone is having a wonderful, happy, family Christmas but you. The truth is, it is a hard time for many people, but in our culture, we are all very good at putting on a happy face.

Remember, it is just a couple of days, and when they are over, the days will already be starting to get longer!

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