Using Mental Imagery to Create Change


“Man has a visible and an invisible workshop. The visible one is his body; the invisible one is imagination (mind)…..The imagination is the sun in the soul of man….The spirit is the master, imagination the tool, and the body the plastic material…The power of the imagination is a great factor in medicine. It may produce diseases…and it may cure them….Ills of the body may be cured by physical remedies or by the power of the spirit acting through the soul.” ~Paracelsus

I want to talk about imagery, which is one of the tools used to effect desired change. Imagery is, as the word suggests, imagined images. Once the relaxation portion of the MP3 has the listener in a calm, peaceful state, images are suggested that can penetrate consciousness at a deep level.

Interestingly, once an image is stored in memory, the mind does not distinguish between an image of something that really happened, or that was simply imagined. I have worked with athletes, and had them imagine over and over the perfect execution of whatever is required in their particular sport. We do this over and over and over again. Inevitably, their performance improves, because they have performed perfectly many times before, if only in their minds.

The same process is used whether the goal is raising self-esteem , losing weight , or improving health . The keys are having good, powerful images, accessing the unconscious mind, and continued repetition.

Think of how much gets programmed into us whether from past conditioning, current life circumstances, the media or our culture—which is absorbed unconsciously—and may be detrimental to our physical, emotional or spiritual well-being. It only makes sense to counteract this with good, healthy positive programming. It is a little like taking “psychological vitamins.

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