Transcending the Past


“Nothing is predestined: The obstacles of your past can become the gateways that lead to new beginnings.” ~Ralph Blum

Again and again in my practice I see how the events of one’s childhood or adolescence can continue to affect feelings, reactions and behaviors well into adulthood, and perhaps for an entire lifetime.

The child who felt unfairly treated may continue to see the life events in terms of fairness, or see the world as an unfair place. The teen rejected by peers may, as an adult, have difficulty entering new situations. One who was hurt may be reluctant to trust others.

If we are to be truly ourselves, manifesting our potential in all areas of life, we need to transcend the limiting beliefs and behaviors we have carried with us for so long.

Sometimes these limitations are unconscious—we do not realize we are living out an old script. Generally those closest to us do see these behaviors, and recognize where they come from. If you are getting this feedback, consider that there may be some truth behind it.

Even when we are aware that we are re-living our past largely because of our perceptions, it can be hard to change. Things that happened long ago can become deeply embedded in the subconscious mind. In this case a therapeutic process involving guided meditation or hypnosis can speed up the process.

We may not have had a choice about how we lived as a child, but as adults, we can consciously choose a different path, and create a different, more positive reality for ourselves. Now, it is up to us. (For information on obtaining my Healing the Past or Healing the Inner Child CDs, see below.)

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