The Workaholic and Wasted Time


“It does no good to think moralistically about how much time we waste. Wasted time is usually good soul time.” -Thomas Moore

workaholicYou know you are a workaholic when you feel every minute of your day must be productive, even when you are not at work. Workaholics make big lists of what needs to be done, and then berate themselves when not all items are checked off.

The problem is, the list is longer than any one human could accomplish in one day. So the workaholic constantly feels he or she is under-producing. The next day there is a renewed commitment to work hard, stay focused, not waste any time, and get through that list. Anything that interferes with completing the day’s tasks is viewed as a waste of time.

However, we are more than just ‘work producing machines’. We have hearts and souls which need nourishment. As Thomas Moore said, wasted time is usually good soul time .

So when you interrupt your busy schedule to comfort another, share some laughter, listen to music, look out the window, read something uplifting, play with your children, throw something for the dog to fetch, phone your mother or talk to a friend, do not consider that wasted time. It is precious time: time which helps to keep your life in balance . Perhaps this is the time which should not be wasted…nor should it be taken for granted.

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