The Power of Imagination


Imagination is a powerful tool. To imagine means to form an image in our minds. A young child sees an intriguing object, imagines having it in his hands, and then crawls towards it. We imagine what we might like for dinner before we begin preparing it or dialing the take-out number. In the early stages of a love relationship , the partners imagine what it would be like to have a romantic connection with each other, and then one asks the other out.

By the time we reach adulthood, somehow the connection between imagination and reality can become corrupted. Rather than seeing imagination as a preliminary sketch of what we will create, we often see it as an entirely different realm of thought, unrelated to reality.

So we may spend lots of time imagining what we might like in life. These imaginings may take the form of dreams, but in our culture there is a tendency to denigrate dreams. We say, “I’m only dreaming.” or “It’s just a dream.” Others may reflect their doubt about our imaginings by saying: “Dream on.”

What I want to suggest to you is that if you can dream or imagine something for yourself, it is because you do have the power to create it. That is how the power of creation works in humans: we first dream it, and then we build it.

This can happen quite seamlessly if we only focus on the how, and forget about if or but. Even if you think what you want is impossible, ask yourself if it were possible, what would be the first steps.

Then, figure out how you can accomplish that first step. You may be amazed at how rapidly and easily dreams begin to become reality when you let yourself step into that stream of allowing. It is almost like pretending you are really creating what you want, and before you know it, you have created it.

It is often said that we only use ten percent of our brains. I truly believe some of the other ninety percent has been allocated to giving us the lift we need to allow our dreams to take flight.

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