Soul-Based Psychology

Our true, eternal essence is non-physical energy that is temporarily housed within a body for the duration of this lifetime. That body has the ability to think, to feel, to take in information from the environment, and to express outwardly. The mind might be analogous to a radio or television station it may transmit something produced within its own studio, or carry programming from a source outside of itself.

In humans, the internal programming is ego-based, and is the result of our experiences and beliefs. It is limited to what we have learned or concluded about the world and our place in it. This programming has all been produced within our local studio, and often has been directed by others, based on the expectations they have of us. Ultimately we may, to an extent, take a larger role in the production, however, it is difficult to transcend the years of conditioning.

The higher self, is the bridge connecting the drop of cosmic essence that has emerged to experience separateness and individuality (self), with the cosmic ocean out of which it emerged (oneness). The higher self is our live feed to THE major network.

We all can access higher levels of consciousness by establishing our connection with our higher selves. Higher self transcends the limited viewpoints of ego. We know we have accessed higher self when our thoughts and actions are based on compassion, acceptance and understanding – when we have ceased judging, moved beyond polarity, and respond with equanimity. Wisdom replaces self-interest.

Higher self is our path or doorway for bringing soul-consciousness into our lives. When we ask our higher self for direction in any life situation, it will always point in the direction of soul-based responding. Because soul-based responding aligns us with our true essence, which is love, we are gradually able to release ourselves from the limited (and limiting) domain of ego.

Since our current evolutionary task, and challenge, is to live as the multi-dimensional soul-beings we are within the density of three-dimensional reality (a sometimes hostile environment), we will continually be presented with opportunities to grow, to transcend our old ways of being.

Pain, struggle, frustration, and turmoil in life are the little red indicator lights warning us that ego is in control. If we ignore the signals, the difficulty level of our lives increases. Things get worse. If we pay attention, and shift gears, we experience the sense of relief, warmth, security, and ease that soulful living brings.

It is the most elegant learning system imaginable. Once we understand the system, and surrender to the process, we feel the bliss and the joy, not only in good times, but in times of difficulty. Like a butterfly struggling within its cocoon, we push forward because we must, unable to grasp the fullness of that towards which we are moving. Eventually, the cocoon of ego does fall away. And then the ecstatic wonder of the flight indescribable, indefinable will be ours.