Self Care for Busy Women


“I am woman! I am invincible! I am pooped!” ~ Author Unknown

spa day 2Many women do not take enough time for themselves. They take care of their homes and family, perhaps their parents as well, and often work outside the home. They have lists, which may be physical or mental, of all the things they need to do.

Every day more items are added to the list. A woman never gets to the end of her list, and rarely has the satisfaction of knowing she got everything done. This creates ongoing tension and a sense of time pressure.

These women have difficulty with the concept of taking time during the day to just relax. They feel to do so would be wasting time, and they feel guilty. The problem here is that there is no quitting time. There is no leaving it all at the office for the next day. From the time she awakens in the morning until she flops into bed exhausted at night, there is something she needs to do.

This is not healthy. It does not support physical or mental health. It is not fun. Yet, some women live like this their entire lives. The need to be always doing something becomes a habit, so she just does not feel right if she is not being productive.

We need to have balance in our lives. There needs to be time to do nothing, time to play, to laugh, to dream, and to truly get to know oneself. There needs to be time for what we want to do, not just what we need to do.

Here is a suggestion. We may not be able to get rid of our lists, but try putting some time for your self on your list of things to do. Do not leave this item until the end, after everything else is done, for you will never get to it. Instead, have some days where you do the thing for you first. Yes, it is okay to put yourself first. This is important to do; otherwise years will go by before you realize you have lived all of your life for everyone else.

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