Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)


Seasonal affective disorder affects millions, and those of us who live in areas where the days become significantly shorter in winter are particularly vulnerable.

SAD is a mood disorder characterized by feelings of depression, and may include excessive eating or sleeping.

Light therapy is helpful for many. Special SAD lamps are available, but exposure to natural sunlight for as little as an hour a day may be therapeutic. Walking in the sunshine, or at least arranging to be near a sunny window may have the same effect. Replacing the light bulbs in your home with full spectrum bulbs makes your artificial light more like natural daylight.

As a last resort, antidepressant medication may provide some relief. I have developed what I think is a better idea. It is an MP3 called “Hello Sunshine”. It utilizes guided imagery and hypnotic suggestion to recreate in the mind all of the feelings and sensations of being in bright sunshine. For twenty-five minutes each day the listener takes a journey into summertime.

The theory is that when consciousness is flooded with those images, the body responds with the appropriate shifts in the biochemistry. We know that our thoughts affect our body, and so this is a wholistic method to utilize all of the resources of the body/mind to create changes in mood.

The feedback on this MP3 has been very positive. It not just useful for those with SAD, but for anyone who becomes tired of winter and desires a little escape without having to leave home. See below for ordering information.

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