Releasing Resentments


Out with the old and in with the new! That is a slogan we associate with the beginning of a new year – creating a fresh start. It occurred to me that the beginning of each year would be a good time to release all resentments, hurts, and conflicts that occurred during the past year.

Too often people carry grudges over to the new year, and the year after that, and the year after that. If new issues arise, the burden of all that negativity becomes heavier and heavier. One spends a lot of time thinking of those who have wronged them, and things that did not go as planned.

If, at the ending of each year, we wiped the slate clean – a sort of emotional amnesty – and resumed a stance of positive regard towards all, how different life would be. This does not mean that whatever another has done to us is okay, it only means that we have done enough ruminating over it, and choose to let it go .

Even if we no longer choose to have contact with someone, we can still release any negative energy we are holding towards them. That negative energy only hurts us, anyway.

We can think of this process as maintaining a positive emotional ecology, as we release toxic thoughts and emotions. We benefit enormously when we do this, and so do all of those around us.

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