Releasing Hurt and Anger


Are you upset or angry with someone in your life? Did the situation which caused you to feel that way happen just recently, or some time ago? What does it feel like, in your body, when you think about this?

Often we feel a tightening or heaviness in our heart or our gut. No matter what someone has done to us, no matter how right we might be to feel upset, we are the ones who carry the emotional weight as long as we remain upset. The turmoil within takes a toll on us, while the one who caused it may have put it out of his or her mind.

We do not have to stay hurt. Here are the options. If we have a generally good relationship with the person, and they did not intend to hurt us, we can simply decide to let it go. If the relationship has ‘issues’, and our hurt comes from ongoing insensitivity to our feelings, we can attempt to see if there can be a way to resolve the problem.

If the relationship is worth it, professional help may be a good investment. If the problem is with someone we do not need or want to associate with, we can just let it go, along with the person. The relationship is clearly not a healthy one if we find ourselves always harboring resentment.

The bottom line here is that, one way or another, we must find a way to let go of hurt and anger: that feeling it creates in our bodies is the signal that it does unhealthy things to us.

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