Ask Gwen: Mother-Daughter Relationship


My mother loves me but is threatened by my success and acts jealous. How do I have a relationship with her?

Gwen’s Answer:

If she is mean and hurtful to you it is important that you let her know that you don’t want her doing that anymore. You can do this gently telling her you want a relationship with her and you need to feel her love and support. Those comments hurt your feelings. Hopefully this will be enough, but if it still happens then you pack up and leave her place or end the phone conversation telling her she is not honoring your request.

If she is not mean, just envious, and shows no interest in your success or says nothing about your accomplishments that is a little different. You can tell her you want her to be proud of you but you just have to accept that your life seems so much better than hers and her inner child just does not know how to handle it.

Think back to your younger days when a sibling or friend got something that you did not. Its hard to be happy for them when you feel left out. Show her your love and appreciation for her part in getting to where you are today.

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