Life is Just a Chance to Grow a Soul


“Life is just a chance to grow a soul”. ~ A. Powell Davies

fiery heartHumans have always pondered the purpose and meaning of life. Ultimately, I suppose, we must make our own meaning.

We are making meaning all the time. Every day hundreds of things happen, or are said, and we, perhaps even unconsciously, decide what those things mean in the context of our lives. The meanings we choose ultimately determine the quality of our life and happiness.

If we take things personally, are distrustful, and see the worst in others, it will be impossible to create happiness. If instead we are loving, accepting, and give people the benefit of the doubt, and then we will feel happier and will draw more positive experiences to us.

Life may be seen a little like a game of survivor; only it is not about being the best, fastest or even smartest. It may well be about how well we learn the lessons presented by experience, and how much we are able to evolve beyond ego or child-like consciousness.

Ego consciousness is all about “me,” about winning or getting the most be it material things or attention, about polarity, right/wrong, and reacting rather than responding to life. Ego is really a false self.

The more authentic or evolved self, which I call soul, is more about cooperation, compassion, understanding, treating others with acceptance and respect, and responding rather than reacting.

Unlike the gentleman quoted above, I believe that it is not so much about growing a soul, but rather drawing upon the evolved, soul-like qualities that are inherent within all of us.

The purpose of life may well be to see just how wise we can become, and how in touch we remain with those things that truly matter.

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