If You Believe It, It Will Come


Five year old Grace went to visit her mom, who works for one of the Ministers in the Alberta Legislature. It was her first time there, and almost immediately, she asked if she could meet the Premier. Accepting, for the time being, that this would not be possible, she began exploring her surroundings. Next, she wanted to know where the Premier’s office was. Upon leaving the building, she looked up to where that office was, and announced that one day she was going to go up there and meet him.

I smiled when this story was recounted to me. Clearly, we are programmed to believe all things are possible, and whatever we can imagine, we can create. We are programmed to have absolute faith in our ability to do what we set out to do. Somewhere along the line, our programming becomes corrupted by doubt, fear and insecurity. After a while, we no longer even think those magnificent thoughts because, well, what is the point? We cease to dream. Our incredible birthright—that miracle of creative visioning—the seed of which was gifted to us eons ago, is all but lost to us.

All great inventions and achievements in our world have been accomplished by adults who never lost this faith. They got an idea, and ran with it. We all have that ability. That place of “no fear” lies dormant within each of us. Test this out by going ahead and doing something you have always been afraid to do. Then do another and another, one by one disproving your belief that you cannot.

When children tell you that they are going to go to the moon, or to the Olympics, support their vision. And as for Grace, there is a good possibility that not only will she visit the office of the Premier, but that one day it will be hers.

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