Flu Fear


“Nine-tenths of our sickness can be prevented by right thinking plus right hygiene – nine tenths of it! ” ~ Henry Miller (1891 – 1980)

apple heartOur world has been through a tough time this last while, what with tsunamis, hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes and wildfires. Now there are fears of a flu pandemic. Even if you live in a place that is relatively unlikely to experience a natural disaster, there is no place to hide from a flu bug.

We would not be normal if we did not feel a little unsettled and vulnerable in the face of such a threat. It is important, however, to avoid going into a place of fear, and instead to do what we can to feel empowered.

Even when there is an epidemic, not everyone gets sick. Our best defense is a strong immune system. Now is the time to prepare your body so that it can adequately defend itself. This means eating nutritiously, exercising, and getting enough sleep. Practice thorough hand washing, and teach your children the importance of this.

Remember that stress and tension compromise the immune system, so do your best to keep these to a minimum. Also, develop a daily practice that counteracts the effects of stress, such as yoga or meditation (or listening to my Releasing Stress CD).

Feel a sense of empowerment and positive energy around your health. Imagine you body as a fortress that is strong and impenetrable. Visualize yourself growing stronger and healthier every day, and have faith in your body’s natural ability to protect and heal itself.

This is so much better than going into a place of fear about something that may not even happen. Remember the SARS scare? If this talk of a pandemic makes us all a little more health conscious, then that can only be a good thing. So don’t let it hang over you like a black cloud. Instead, focus on living, loving, laughing, and taking good care of yourself .

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