Depression and Anxiety


Is there a stigma around getting psychological help? Do people feel abnormal if they are suffering from anxiety or depression ?

Sadly, the answer still seems to be affirmative for some. This is truly unfortunate, for it can keep people from getting the help they need, and getting on with a better quality of life.

Anxiety and depression may often be the result of an inherited biochemical tendency. They may also be the result of life circumstances, or a combination of both. It is not the fault of the individual if such conditions arise. It does not mean one is weak, or cannot cope with life.

If one is reluctant to seek help, the conditions may become worse simply because the individual is ashamed of how he or she is feeling. Trying to hide the problem alienates the person from others, as there is a tendency to withdraw, so no one will notice.

Further, if we are all hiding our real feelings, it looks to those who are struggling that everyone else is doing just fine! This makes it seem even worse. The truth is that almost everyone has to deal with some form of depression or anxiety at some point in life.

Do not suffer in silence. Mention your concerns to your doctor or psychologist, for there is much that can be done to help.

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