Compassion for Children of the World


I recently had a discussion with a good friend who is passionate about helping children who are suffering in other parts of the world. He mentioned that sometimes people suggest we should be more concerned with people in our own back yards, rather than those on the other side of the world.

His response was that in our part of the world, while some may definitely struggle, they are not dying of starvation, suffering torture and mutilation, or being kept in camps. We do have systems in place where people can access help and support.

Millions of children are in situations throughout the world where there simply is no help. Food and water are their luxuries. The challenge to survive is not a ‘reality’ television game served up as entertainment for the masses. Theirs is, in reality, a struggle between life and death, where death too often wins. And life, when it wins, only means staying alive to endure the pain of hunger and fear.

We do not have to think in terms of which children we should help, but rather, how can we begin to help them all. Everyone doing a little, can add up to a lot. The first step is to open our eyes, and think of the entire world as our neighborhood. Then, to take an interest in learning where the problems are, and what kind of help is needed. Finally, to take some kind of action. Within your family, workplace, church group or social circle, ‘adopt’ a project or a cause.

You might be amazed what a little brainstorming can do, and how good it feels to know we are doing something for the littlest members of our human family.

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