nature loveNo doubt you have the experience of thinking about someone, and then the phone rings, and that person is on the line. Or you find someone consistently entering your thoughts, and find out later that they were going through a crisis during that time. The first few times this happens you may toss it off as coincidence, but at some point you get the feeling that there’s something more going on.

Trust that feeling. Synchronicity is the term used to describe these “meaningful coincidences”, and the universe is full of them. They are like psychological northern lights or rainbows. They dance across the horizons of our perceptions, inviting us to look beyond the veil of “reality” to see something deeper.

Consciousness is not limited to the space between our ears any more than air that we breath is limited to the room that we are in. Consciousness is everywhere and each of us tunes into it. We can repeatedly tune into the same patterns, like doing shallow breathing in a stuffy room, or we can expand our conscious perception, like taking deep breathes in the fresh mountain air. The more that we expand our consciousness, the more we become aware that there is so much more to life on this planet than we have been led to believe.

When we experience meaningful coincidences, we are being invited to look more deeply to discern patterns that connect all things. The universe is playfully saying, “Hey, look at me!” But playfulness is not to be confused with insignificance. First we might notice that we were thinking of someone, and then they called. Next, you wish for someone to call, or send a mental message for them to call you, and they do! Now you have made a shift from observing reality, to creating reality. This is a very powerful shift, and one that increasing numbers are learning to make.

There are many who strongly believe that we can use our consciousness to send healing energy to those who are ill or suffering, and ultimately, to bring peace to our world. Whether you believe that we are learning to direct our consciousness, or that we are invoking divine guidance in this process, it is clear that we each possess very powerful tools for positive change.

It has been suggested that we will all begin to notice increasing numbers of synchronistic events, because it is time for us as a species to move into a higher level of awareness. The reminders will come more often. If the old consciousness has brought us war, conflict, stress, and a dishonoring of the earth, then unquestionably it is time to move forward. So take note of all the meaningful coincidences that reveal themselves to you, and in case our consciousness really does create reality, think only loving thoughts.

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