Are You Carrying a Grudge, Or Nursing an Old Emotional Wound?


It is easy enough to do, for we are all, at some level, sensitive beings. The problem here is that carrying that grudge keeps it alive and active in our consciousness, as though it just happened yesterday.

If you stubbed your toe on the corner of the bed, you would not go back and consciously repeat that action over and over again. Yet, if we have felt offended by someone, we may play that hurt over and over in our minds. It is the same thing, except one is physical, the other emotional. However, physical pain usually heals and goes away by itself. Emotional pain could do the same, if we stopped thinking about it.

Not only is it wise to stop replaying hurtful events, it is even wiser to let the whole thing go. To forgive is a choice. It does not mean that what the person did was okay, it just means that we likely all inadvertently hurt others at some time, and we hope that we have been forgiven also. We are human. We all make mistakes. We all get hurt. When we are hurt, we say or do things we may not really mean.

No one can take back what they have said or done. It can be a true gift to that person to erase their transgression from our consciousness, particularly if it is someone who cares about us.

Put each hurtful thing that has even been done to you in an imaginary helium balloon. When you have them all, let go of the strings, and picture them all floating away, until you cannot see them anymore. You will be amazed at how much lighter you feel, and how much more room for loving there is in your heart. You may have to repeat this exercise from time to time, but it does work. Others may hurt us, but only we can heal ourselves.

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